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About Rosa

Award-winning scientist. Performing artist. World citizen. The pursuit of knowledge, understanding, and experience have been the guiding principles of Rosa's life.

Performing QHHT® sessions since 2018, Rosa is proud to support others through this remarkable method for achieving self-knowledge and growth.

Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique

QHHT® was developed by Dolores Cannon over a 45+ year career in transpersonal hypnotherapy. Almost anyone can benefit from a QHHT® session, from the curious skeptic to those who have "tried everything else." Many clients are approaching a major life transition, coping with chronic pain or disease, or seeking to understand repeating patterns in their lives.

Clients come to QHHT® for clarity, integration, healing, and growth. Through QHHT®, they are able to find all of this and more within themselves.

What to Expect

All sessions are held in-person at our office in west Raleigh, NC and run approximately 5 to 7 hours. Prior to your appointment, you will write a list of questions that you would like answered during your session, divided into three broad categories: spiritual/career, relationships, and health/body. On the day of the session, Rosa will meet with you in the morning to discuss your life's journey and your motivation for seeking a QHHT® experience.

The hypnosis portion of your session will last approximately two hours and will be recorded for you. First, you will be guided into a state of deep relaxation, followed by several scenes or experiences that are relevant to your current situation. Last, we will connect with your deepest wisdom and delve into your list of questions before bringing the session to a close.

Practitioner's Note

"As a lifelong attractor of people that are finally ready to start asking the big questions, the tools within QHHT® allow me to better assist and facilitate journeys of personal growth and self-knowledge. I am humbled to be called to do this work, and am ready to meet each person where they are.

Most of my clients have been engaged in self-work for some time and are shifting into a fully integrated spiritual life, but I have many years of experience working with those of a technical or scientific background that are just getting started on their journey. With an academic and professional background in the hard sciences, education, and performing arts, as well as having lived and traveled all over the globe, I am prepared to work with a diverse range of clients and am open to anyone who feels drawn to work with me."

~ Rosa Hope QHHT


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28 Oct 2023
1:30 PM EDT
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Hillsborough, NC
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30 July 2023 Soul Journey Hypnosis Workshop Earth Yoga
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24 June 2023 Soul Journey Hypnosis Workshop Dancing Moon Books & Gifts
Raleigh, NC
5-7 May 2023 Healing Arts Area Shakori Hills GrassRoots Festival Pittsboro, NC
26 Feb 2023 Speaker - Regression: Moving Beyond Past Lives Body Mind Spirit Celebration Raleigh, NC
29 Jan 2023 Winter Group Regression Workshop Online
30 Dec 2022 New Year's Group Regression Workshop Online
10 Nov 2021 Special Guest Sacred Feminine Leadership Circle w/ Christina Miglino