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Rosa is currently booking sessions for June-Sept 2023.

In the spirit of community, we believe that the tools and opportunity for spiritual development should be available to everyone, regardless of identity, background, or socioeconomic status. If the cost of a session is a barrier to access for you, we still want to work with you! Payment plans are available after your initial deposit through Affirm, or you may contact us to discuss other available options.

+ Full Spectrum Support Package

Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique as taught by Dolores Cannon with full preparation and integration support. This package includes:

  • In-person QHHT® Session
  • Online access to the Full Spectrum Support Hub
  • 2 exclusive Session Preparation Audios
  • The deep-dive Questions for The Subconscious Workbook
  • 30-minute post-session Private Integration Call

Sessions are in-person and run approximately 5-7 hours, so your booking is for the full business day. Session + Full Spectrum Support is $500, with a $50 deposit due at booking. Please send questions or accommodation requests through the contact form prior to booking.

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Other Services

Follow-Up Hypnosis

Existing clients only. After an initial integration period (months to years) following a QHHT® session, major life changes or challenges may arise, or further development of the connection to inner wisdom may be desired. Follow-up sessions are in-person and run 2.5-3 hours. Session fee is $300, with a $50 deposit due at booking.

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Spiritual Working Group

The Spiritual Working Group provides a space for growth and advancement in a supportive, non-judging, community container for discussion, integration, and decision-making, with a deep focus on spiritual development. Ideal for directing attention to internal and external indicators for growth, building authenticity and full soul expression, and identifying optimal points to exercise free will. Offered in-person in Apex, NC or online starting April 5, 2023.

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Special Events

Offerings for events include group regressions and speaking engagements, with topics ranging from metaphysics to astrophysics. Events of all sizes welcome. Please complete an Event Request for a full quote or use the contact form to request more information.

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