It was my absolute pleasure to spend time with you. Your energy is comforting and I was instantly at ease in your presence. I felt tended to, cared for, and protected; I couldn’t ask for a better companion to guide me into an altered state. It was the BEST QHHT session I have had, and I am very grateful.

Tarynn M.
Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist

It worked. My hip continues to get better rapidly. I am surprised today I am starting to walk without the cane around the house. And the chest lump drained a lot during my shower this morning. You're good at this. You have a gift. You should do very well for yourself and the betterment of others.

Igor B.
EdD, Clinical Psychologist

I feel so grateful to have Rosa guide me through my first hypnotic experience. Every step along the way, she was there for me, including the initial email inquiry, the pre-session conversations, the session itself, the follow-ups, etc. Her patience, intuition, compassion, and knowledge have made this process so easy and smooth. It was a beautiful experience that led me to where I have never been before...

Qian L.
PhD, Research Scientist

My QHHT experience with Rosa was TOP NOTCH! She is SO knowledgeable about the process from not only her end but also from her clients end. I highly recommend Rosa for your QHHT session too.

Denise K.
Transformational Coach

Rosa was absolutely wonderful, so kind and knowledgeable! I would recommend her to everyone that is interested in QHHT.

Teri S.
Real Estate Agent

Rosa was very detailed about the process and answered all of my questions. She guided without judgement and in a style that was comfortable for me. Rosa is very skilled at her craft. I'm grateful for this opportunity.

Julie S.
Nutritional Consultant

Rosa is awesome!!

Chris R.
Financial Analyst

I do feel like very important things that weighed on me heavily I have been able to truly feel peace about and now know how to proceed. It was really a life changing experience and I feel almost like a "level up" happened/is happening very quickly. I wanted to let you know that I had a fabulous, life changing experience with you and I am so grateful that we found each other! It was very easy to feel comfortable with you.

Taylor P.
Spiritual Entrepreneur

I thoroughly enjoyed seeing Rosa for my QHHT regressive therapy. She listened to all of my concerns and questions before our appointment, diving into past trauma and what I was hoping to gain from my session. She made me feel at ease and let me know I was in control. My regression was very smooth and I was able to work through blocks my conscious mind always seems to put into place. With Rosa's guidance, I moved through the blocks and came out with more information than I originally planned on getting. QHHT therapy has changed my perspective in so many ways and my spiritual growth has propelled forward as a result. I'm so thankful to have found Rosa. I plan to see her again and I highly recommend others do the same. If you're on a path of growth and want to better your life, don't think twice about booking. Just do it. You will be forever grateful.

Katherine H.
Reiki Master, Soul Speak Practitioner


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